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YAAX International is a supplier of Fruit and Vegetable Ingredients specializing in Organic and Conventional Juices, Juice Concentrates, Purees, Frozen and Dried products; serving industries such as, Beverage, Bakery, Confection, Dairy, Food Service, Main Meal, Retail, and Pet Food. YAAX also supplies specialized processed fruit and vegetable ingredients in the Nutraceutical, Pharma, Cosmetic and Supplement industries. 

Located in the Pacific Northwestern United States, YAAX is well positioned and experienced in importing and exporting products globally; as well as supplying locally produced ingredients. 

Whether it is New Product Development, Sourcing, Custom Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Consulting, or Trade Services, YAAX is eager to serve you.

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Organic Mango Puree
Organic Apple Puree
Organic Blackberry Juice Concentrate
Passion Fruit Juice Concentrate
Pink Guava Puree
Acerola Puree

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